Throwing the perfect party…STRESS FREE.

One might ask if it is possible to throw an epic party that doesn’t have you burying your head for a week. What do you think?

My kids are raised now, but I’m continually being asked to throw showers, gender reveals, couple showers, anniversary parties, birthday parties for extended family, Rosh Hashanah, bar mitzvah, quinceanera, Super Bowl- the list is endless- today there are so many options to throw a party.  Long gone are the birthday parties with a few friends and family, a cake, and presents. Birthday hats and streamers meant you were the “extra mom” that went all out.

Today all parties have got to be EPIC- Instagram worthy no matter how young the guest of honor is. And I have a newsflash for you- Planning a party is hard work.

There is always the choice of hiring an Event Planner, and if you have the extra money to do so, DO IT! They are amazing and will make your life run more smoothly. But a lot of moms don’t have the extra money to hire an event planner.

Two years ago, I was asked to plan this shower in January for my nephew and his friends. I’m a graphic designer so invitations, and banners were easy, but Holy Cow finding things to go with our 'Baby its Cold Outside' theme of dark blue and pink snowflakes was impossible.

I spent hours on online- Pinterest, Etsy and Party City- I could find plain pink plates to go with our theme but the pinks didn’t match, shipping from all the different stores was outrageous and that was if I could get them in time. 

That was my struggle, and my kids are raised. I couldn’t imagine a busy mom trying to do all of this.  Being a mom, whether you’re a single mom, working mom, or a stay-at-home-mom is a 24-hour job. It’s hard work all on its own and now you’re supposed to pull off the party of the year?

That is when I had the idea for A Bash in a Box.  One place on-line that you could get everything for a party in one place. Let me type that again, everything for a party in one place.  Basically, a party delivered to your door, no fuss, no pain, NO STRESS.

We have all different birthday themes that have custom designed, personalized invitations, banners, balloon garlands, centerpieces, t-shirts, plates, treat bags, yard signs and social media walls.  We will be adding showers, gender reveals, graduation themes and more in the coming weeks. You can choose a theme or email us, and we can custom design one for you.

So, keep an eye on us, we will be coming to many parties near you and helping mom’s all over actually enjoy their child’s birthday.


Life is precious, celebrate it.


A Bash in a Box

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