At A Bash in a Box we are very family oriented. We wanted to show our staff with their families. We are here to make your life easier...one party at a time!

Amy - President

I’ve been in design and marketing for over 20 years. I’ve always been creative and let’s face it, a little extra when throwing a party. A Bash in a Box is where my two passions come together. I have two incredible kids, Austin who is 25 and Aspen who is 19. I’m incredibly excited for this journey and want to thank you all for making it possible. Let’s start celebrating! 


Hayleigh is an exceptional designer, as well as, photographer, she has her degree in both. When I decided to open Bash, Hayleigh was the first person I talked to about it. She designs incredible invites and I am so excited that she is onboard. When she isn’t designing you can always find her with her husband Adam, son Ryker and beautiful daughter Swayzie.


I’ve worked with Janelle at not one company, but now three. She is an amazing designer and quite a singer too. She has a son named Royal and a puppy named Snowbly.  A fan of anything creative, I know I can count on her to head to any art show around. 

Aspen - Social Media

Aspen is a beautiful soul and very creative. She is also my amazing daughter.  An incredible dancer that travels all over the country, I am very lucky she can handle social media from anywhere. 

Cyndal - Party Planner

Cyndal is a stay-at-home mom of these three beautiful children, Paxton, Phynlee (Opie), and Presley. She is also married to my nephew Dylan. Cyndal was the first person I thought of to handle Pinterest and cool concepts for food, games, etc.  She is a natural born creative mind. We wanted to give you everything you needed for an incredible party- even ideas for items we don’t sell. 

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